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2018-19 Varsity Cross Country Roster

Sarah Anderson full bio Sarah Anderson Cl.: 11
Davyn Armas full bio Davyn Armas Cl.: 9
Disha Baglodi full bio Disha Baglodi Cl.: 9
Fletcher Baron full bio Fletcher Baron Cl.: 9
Davis Bartels full bio Davis Bartels Cl.: 10
Clarissa Beck full bio Clarissa Beck Cl.: 12
Ethan Blalock full bio Ethan Blalock Cl.: 11
Noah Bouton full bio Noah Bouton Cl.: 12
Xander Bouton full bio Xander Bouton Cl.: 9
Alec Brown full bio Alec Brown Cl.: 11
Amber Brown full bio Amber Brown Cl.: 12
Leah Capomaccio full bio Leah Capomaccio Cl.: 11
Cooper Carrow full bio Cooper Carrow Cl.: 11
William Carrow full bio William Carrow Cl.: 11
Sydney Christiansen full bio Sydney Christiansen Cl.: 10
Kendall Clemmer full bio Kendall Clemmer Cl.: 9
Macy Cobb full bio Macy Cobb Cl.: 9
Paige Consolo full bio Paige Consolo Cl.: 9
Ethan Danciak full bio Ethan Danciak Cl.: 11
Mia Danner full bio Mia Danner Cl.: 11
Matthew DiPietro full bio Matthew DiPietro Cl.: 10
Justin Doering full bio Justin Doering Cl.: 10
Jack Donovan full bio Jack Donovan Cl.: 12
Lyle Donovan full bio Lyle Donovan Cl.: 9
Kaine Dudley full bio Kaine Dudley Cl.: 10
Audrey Duke full bio Audrey Duke Cl.: 11
Jackson Eneberg full bio Jackson Eneberg Cl.: 10
Carson Ertwine full bio Carson Ertwine Cl.: 12
Muhammad-Saif Fahmy full bio Muhammad-Saif Fahmy Cl.: 11
John Filan full bio John Filan Cl.: 12
Isabel (Izzy) Filipek full bio Isabel (Izzy) Filipek Cl.: 10
Emma Flynn full bio Emma Flynn Cl.: 10
Ashton Foraker full bio Ashton Foraker Cl.: 9
Caroline Fortwengler full bio Caroline Fortwengler Cl.: 9
Josh Gargan full bio Josh Gargan Cl.: 11
Grace Gerlach full bio Grace Gerlach Cl.: 12
William Goldscheitter full bio William Goldscheitter Cl.: 12
Delaney Goodell full bio Delaney Goodell Cl.: 12
Kyra Gould full bio Kyra Gould Cl.: 9
Boston Grant full bio Boston Grant Cl.: 10
Ashleigh Skye Harley full bio Ashleigh Skye Harley Cl.: 9
Lauren Harris full bio Lauren Harris Cl.: 12
Afton Hirschi full bio Afton Hirschi Cl.: 11
Faith Hirschi full bio Faith Hirschi Cl.: 9
Braden Hobbs full bio Braden Hobbs Cl.: 9
Heather Hummel full bio Heather Hummel Cl.: 9
Lannah Johnson full bio Lannah Johnson Cl.: 9
Caelan Jones full bio Caelan Jones Cl.: 10
Colby Jones full bio Colby Jones Cl.: 10
Huzaifa Khan full bio Huzaifa Khan Cl.: 12
Elek Kozma full bio Elek Kozma Cl.: 12
Marie Latif full bio Marie Latif Cl.: 9
Anders Law full bio Anders Law Cl.: 11
Deacon Law full bio Deacon Law Cl.: 11
Amanda Leekley full bio Amanda Leekley Cl.: 12
Daniel Malone full bio Daniel Malone Cl.: 12
Kathryn Malone full bio Kathryn Malone Cl.: 9
Allie Maloney full bio Allie Maloney Cl.: 11
Christopher Manna full bio Christopher Manna Cl.: 12
Sam Marchlik full bio Sam Marchlik Cl.: 11
Madeline Matthews full bio Madeline Matthews Cl.: 9
Anthony Mattie full bio Anthony Mattie Cl.: 11
Alyssa Medrano full bio Alyssa Medrano Cl.: 12
Emily Meeker full bio Emily Meeker Cl.: 9
Matthew Meeker full bio Matthew Meeker Cl.: 11
Yahya Merchant full bio Yahya Merchant Cl.: 11
Sarah Meredith full bio Sarah Meredith Cl.: 9
Lola Merrill full bio Lola Merrill Cl.: 10
Garek Milender full bio Garek Milender Cl.: 11
Maggie Morgan full bio Maggie Morgan Cl.: 12
Rishi Murudkar full bio Rishi Murudkar Cl.: 12
Tej Murudkar full bio Tej Murudkar Cl.: 9
Cristiana OBrien full bio Cristiana OBrien Cl.: 9
Abby Ostwald full bio Abby Ostwald Cl.: 9
Lily Parzych full bio Lily Parzych Cl.: 11
Annika Phelps full bio Annika Phelps Cl.: 11
Camille Phipps full bio Camille Phipps Cl.: 9
Michaela Prevallet full bio Michaela Prevallet Cl.: 11
Noah Prevallet full bio Noah Prevallet Cl.: 9
Camryn Quam full bio Camryn Quam Cl.: 11
Jack Ritter full bio Jack Ritter Cl.: 11
Tyler Sabo full bio Tyler Sabo Cl.: 10
Olivia Sanford full bio Olivia Sanford Cl.: 11
Chloe Scandlen full bio Chloe Scandlen Cl.: 9
Adam Schaich full bio Adam Schaich Cl.: 11
Ashley Sechrest full bio Ashley Sechrest Cl.: 11
Alexander (Sasha) Severtson full bio Alexander (Sasha) Severtson Cl.: 12
Dev Shah full bio Dev Shah Cl.: 10
Sumil Shah full bio Sumil Shah Cl.: 11
Zainab Shaik full bio Zainab Shaik Cl.: 10
Aria Sharma full bio Aria Sharma Cl.: 9
Eileen Shengaout full bio Eileen Shengaout Cl.: 10
Colin Shin full bio Colin Shin Cl.: 11
Ajai Singh full bio Ajai Singh Cl.: 9
Ashley Smith full bio Ashley Smith Cl.: 10
Austin Smith full bio Austin Smith Cl.: 10
Emma Solomon full bio Emma Solomon Cl.: 9
Isabel Suero full bio Isabel Suero Cl.: 12
Cole Suplee full bio Cole Suplee Cl.: 10
Kathryn Suplee full bio Kathryn Suplee Cl.: 10
Alexander Tebeau full bio Alexander Tebeau Cl.: 9
Madalyn Tolbert full bio Madalyn Tolbert Cl.: 12
Robert Townsend full bio Robert Townsend Cl.: 10
Kathryn Tweedy full bio Kathryn Tweedy Cl.: 12
Caleb Tyler full bio Caleb Tyler Cl.: 9
Mark Vandewater full bio Mark Vandewater Cl.: 12
Elizabeth Willis full bio Elizabeth Willis Cl.: 12
Kyler Wilson full bio Kyler Wilson Cl.: 12