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Cross Keys Community Service Day Another Huge Success

Cross Keys Community Service Day Another Huge Success

Our Cross Keys Community Outreach on Saturday, March 17th was a huge success!! 

After Friday's game that ended quite late, I know that the early wake up time was quite difficult for many.  However, a sleepy Saturday morning quickly turned into a few hours of brightening the day of those less fortunate than our own.  We are incredibly proud of our players as they did an outstanding job engaging with all that attended.  There were lots of smiles, laughs and a few reunions with kids that met our players several years ago.  The participants really look forward to what they refer to as, "Cambridge Day", a fun day where they get to see their "Cambridge friends" – as one participant commented.

Here's a glimpse of what we were able to accomplish during our service day:

  • Players worked with the kids to strengthen some basic soccer skills in small groups.
  • Engaged the kids in games (especially fun to watch the competiveness amongst the players, kids and even our coaches!)
  • Outside projects – since the rain had stopped, we were able to help with trash pick up and some small branch removal from the track area.
  • Stocked the pantry with much needed food/clothing donations.
  • Provided a few gift cards to the school's social worker to give to families in special need.

Thank you to all of the parents for your support of this wonderful day with the drinks, coolers filled with ice and food pantry/clothing donations.  We could not have done this without YOU!!  Hopefully your player found the day of service to be a rewarding one and will once again look forward to going next year.  

Go Bears!!