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Lady Bears Varsity Soccer Drops Regional Match to Alpharetta, 1-0, Friday, March 16th

Lady Bears Varsity Soccer Drops Regional Match to Alpharetta, 1-0, Friday, March 16th

Ladies' varsity soccer fought another tough, close match, this time to regional rival and neighbor, Alpharetta, on Friday, March 16. The final score was 1-0, and like so many of their games, it was a fight to the finish.

Alpharetta's fast outside backs and quick inside passing kept the Cambridge D busy, but they held strong throughout the first half. Starting keeper Reagan Dunwoodie notched 4 saves and overcame several close calls. Backs Alison Curl and Megan Clark each had 12 clears and several intercepted passes during the game; freshman Nia Worrell also racked up the stats, with 4 tackles and a half-dozen interceptions.

The Bears' midfield picked up the pace and aggressiveness midway through the first half and set up some good drives, but the O just didn't get the chances for good shots. Overall, the Bears did a great job moving and controlling ball, and they hit the locker room locked at 0-0. 

Just two minutes into the second half, the Raiders hit a hard outside shot that took a very unfortunate deflection off a defender's hip and careened into the opposite corner, leaving second keeper Hannah Morrone with no chance. The Bears trailed 1-0 for the remainder of the game. Morrone made 4 great saves after that and the defense was as strong as ever.

Again, during the second half, the Bear midfield did well moving the ball, with senior midfielder Mary Koch showing impressive leadership and determination. The offense had some great chances. with a few crosses and free kicks that bounced right in front of the Raider goal and inches from the nearest Bear paw or head, but the shots on goal and lucky breaks just weren't there. It was an especially intense game since so many of the players from the two teams know each other from club play.

Midway through the season, the Lady Bears are in need of a win, but the fighting spirit is certainly there, with most matches ending in one-goal deficits. This team will be unstoppable once they find the back of the net more consistently.

Go Bears!