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Cambridge Swimming Ties for Win at Riverside Invitational; Girls’ Team Takes First Place

Cambridge Swimming Ties for Win at Riverside Invitational; Girls’ Team Takes First Place

On Wednesday, November 15th, Cambridge traveled to Riverside Military Academy to compete against Riverside, Holy Innocents, North Forsyth, and Union County. The girls' team took a significant lead over North Forsyth, but it wasn't enough to make up for the boys' third place finish. North Forsyth and Cambridge tied for the overall team win.

Girls' Team Score:
Cambridge 200
North Forsyth 161
Holy Innocents 116
Union County 28

Boys' Team Score:
North Forsyth 151
Riverside 125
Cambridge 112
Holy Innocents 76
Union County 52

Overall/Combined Team Score:
Cambridge/North Forsyth TIE 312
Holy Innocents 192
Riverside 125
Union County 80

In the 200-yard medley relay, the boys' A-relay (Diponzio, Ryzhkov, Blood, Balmes) took third place overall, but they touched the wall with a state qualifying time that they had been unable to get the previous meet at Dynamo. The B-relay (Montes, Cofrancesco, Pieroni, Goodnight) took sixth.

In the girls' 200-yard medley relay, the A-relay (Medici, Fishman, Jonsson, B McLain) took third place overall with a state qualifying time, followed immediately by the B-relay (Jones, Ghent, C McLain, Young) in fourth, and the C-relay (Henderson, LeeMaster, Ho, Fox) in eighth.

In the boys' 200-yard freestyle event, Billy Blood touched the wall in a very impressive and competitive first place finish, followed by Nick Iline in tenth and John Empoliti in eleventh.

In the girls' 200-yard freestyle event, Lauren Jonsson raced to the end the top girl from North Forsyth and came up just short. But her second place finish time of 2:02.81 qualifies her for state in that event. Eva Medici took sixth, Maggie Duffner in seventh, Carolyn McLain in eighth, and Sydney Chambers finished in eleventh.

In the boys' 200-yard individual medley, Nick Diponzio took fourth overall, followed by Phillip Ryzhkov in sixth, and Ben Balmes in seventh.

In the girls' 200-yard individual medley, Libby Jones swam a great race and finished in second overall, followed immediately by Grace Ghent in third.

In the boys' 50-yard freestyle event, Gabe Montes took eleventh out of 36 swimmers, followed by Aiden Goodnight in thirteenth.

In the girls' 50-yard freestyle event, Cambridge girls' claimed the majority of top finishes starting with Brooke McLain in second, Katie Fishman in third, and Morgan Young in fourth out of 29 swimmers. Brigs Riddick also went a new best time and took twelfth, Rachel Henderson followed in thirteenth, Adyson LeeMaster in fourteenth, Katie Fox in sixteenth, and Irazu Lara in twenty-second.

In the boys' 100-yard butterfly, Billy Blood contributed some more big points by finishing in second overall, followed by Gabe Montes in fourth, and Cole Pieroni in sixth.

In the girls' 100-yard butterfly, Lauren Jonsson put up big points by taking the top finish with a time of 1:03.78, which was her third state qualifying swim of the day. Every race Jonsson has been in this season has been a state qualifying time. Emma Guy finished in fourth, Carolyn McLain in sixth, and Rachel Avant in tenth.

In the boys' 100-yard freestyle, Nick Iline finished in eighth and Aiden Goodnight finished in eleventh.

In the girls' 100-yard freestyle event, Brooke McLain finished in second, followed by Morgan Young in third, Isabella Empoliti in sixth, Anna Kerber in seventh, Sydney Chambers in eighth, Rachel Henderson in ninth, Brigs Riddick in tenth, and Irazu Lara in fourteenth.

In the boys' 500-yard freestyle, Don Cofrancesco had an impressive swim that earned him second place overall, followed by John Empoliti who took seventh with his first time in the event.

In the girls' 500-yard freestyle, Eva Medici took third overall.

In the boys' 200-yard freestyle relay, the A-relay (Goodnight, Empoliti, Iline, Montes) took fifth place overall.

In the girls' 200-yard freestyle relay, the A-relay (Guy, Jones, Fishman, Empoliti)  took first overall with a healthy lead over the North Forsyth A-relay. The B-relay (Duffner, Avant, Chambers, Ghent) took fourth overall, the C-relay (Riddick, LeeMaster, C McLain, Ho) took sixth.

In the boys' 100-yard backstroke, Nick Diponzio took third overall with a new best time this season, which puts him close to the state qualifying time, followed by Don Cofrancesco in eighth.

In the girls' 100-yard backstroke, Libby Jones had a great swim and earned her second place overall, Maggie Duffner in third, Isabella Empoliti in fifth, Rachel Avant in eighth.

In the boys' 100-yard breaststroke, Phillip Ryzhkov took second overall, followed by Ben Balmes in fourth, Cole Pieroni in eighth.

In the girls' 100-yard breaststroke, Katie Fishman took first overall in an impressive swim and a new best time of 1:16.02. Fishman was followed by Grace Ghent in fourth, Emma Guy in sixth, Adyson LeeMaster in eighth, and Katie Fox in fourteenth.

In the last event of the evening, the boys' 400-yard freestyle relay, the A-relay (Diponzio, Balmes, Ryzhkov, Blood) took second overall in a close finish. The B-relay (Cofrancesco, Empoliti, Iline, Pieroni) took sixth.

In the girls' 400-yard freestyle A-relay (B McLain, Medici, Guy, Jonsson) took second overall with a state qualifying time. The B-relay (Young, Duffner, Chambers, Empoliti) took fourth.

The swimmers and divers will be competing in the South Forsyth Quad Meet on Monday, November 20th at Cumming Aquatic Center. The meet will start at 10:00 AM.

Go Bears!