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Varsity Girls Softball Weekly Game Recap

Varsity Girls Softball Weekly Game Recap

The Bears go 2-0 in the Lassiter Tournament (Saturday, Sept. 10th)

Bears took on Mill Creek in game 1 of the Lassiter hosted tournament.  In the first inning Jensen Cheshire gets things going with a double, and Mariah Kubik lays down the sacrifice bunt and moves Jensen to third base.   Keara Napoli hits a single and Jensen scores, Bears up 1-0.  Top of 3 Bears Becca Cleypool hits a double and with two walks and single hits by Keara Napoli and Taylor Greene Bears score and take the lead 3-0.  Bottom of the 4th  the Hawks first batter hit by pitch and gets on base, runner scores on an error and second runner scores on a passed ball.  Score is 3-2.  Top of 5 Keara Napoli hits a home run and the game finishes with a score of 4-2. 

Game two of the tournament the Bears play a very solid Woodstock team.  In the first 4 innings solid pitching and defense by both teams score remains at zero.  In the bottom of the 5th Chooch Carroll and Abigail Wilson each with a single and Heather Kipniss lays down a sacrifice bunt to move them, Jensen Cheshire hits a single and Chooch scores getting the Bears on the board.  The Wolverines answer back in the top of 6 with two hits and a run scored games is tied.  Bottom of 6 Taylor Greene is walked and with a hit by Courtney Campbell moves Taco to second and Chooch hitting a single Taylor scores. Abigail Wilson and Heather Kipniss walk and Becca Cleypool hits a single and brings in Chooch and Abigail.  Bears take the win 4-1.

Dunwoody plays the Bears at home and Bears win 4-2 (Monday, Sept. 12th) 

The Dunwoody Wildcats came to play this game.  In the top of 3 the Wildcats get on the board by an error leading the Bears 1-0.  Again in the top of 4 the Wildcats get on with a single hit and an error and another hit scoring one run leading 2-0. Bottom of the 4th the Bears answer back with single hits by Taylor Greene, and Courtney Campbell, Lindsey Smith gets on by fielder's choice and Chooch hits a sacrifice fly and Lindsey scores.  Wildcats still lead 2-1.  Bottom of 5th the Bears battle back and Heather Kipniss hits a double, Becca Cleypool gets on base due to a Wildcat error. Heather steals third and gets home.  Jensen Cheshire walks and steals second. Taylor Greene hits a triple and Jensen scores! Lindsey Smith hits a single and Taylor Greene scores.  Top of 6 and 7 pitcher Keara Napoli strikes out 5 and holds off the Wildcats and Bears take the win 4-2! 

Bears take the win at Chattahoochee 12-0 with four home runs (Tuesday, Sept. 13th)

Bears get on the board in the top of 1 with singles by Mariah KubikTaylor GreeneKeara Napoli and a double by Courtney Campbell Bears up 3-0.  A quick three strikeouts for Napoli in the bottom of the 1st.  Top of the 2nd Lindsey Smith hits a double and Becca Cleypool hits a home run!  Jensen Cheshire and Mariah Kubik each with a single then Taylor Greene hits a home run Bears up 7-0.  Top of the 4th inning Taylor Greene hits a single and Keara Napoli hits a Home Run!  Bears up 9-0.  Pitcher Genevieve Dumas holds off the panthers in innings 4 and 5 with a couple of strikeouts and solid defense and the Bears finish the game in the 5th with a Home Run for Chooch Carroll and hits by Abigail Wilson, a walk for Lindsey Smith, a double for Becca Cleypool, a single for Daisy Valeo, the Bears take the win 12-0! 

Bears take their first loss of the season to Pope High School but remain in 1st Place in the Region (Thursday, Sept. 15th)

After beating the Greyhounds at Pope High school a few weeks ago the Bears now face the Greyhounds at home.  A pitcher battle in the first three innings with no runs scored and in the top of 4 Napoli walks a batter and gives up a double the Greyhounds on the board.  On a fielder's choice another run is scored and on a wild pitch and an error the Greyhounds are up by 3. In the bottom of 5 Heather Kipniss with a single, Becca Cleypool on by fielder's choice and Jensen Cheshire with a double and Becca scores.  Bottom of the 6th Keara Napoli hits a single and Courtney Campbell hits a double sending Napoli home. Lindsey Smith hits a single and Courtney advances to third, Abigail Wilson on a fielder's choice and Courtney Campbell scores and game is tied up 3-3.  Game goes into ITB and the Greyhounds answer right away with a sacrifice bunt runner moves to third and then a double hit brings in the runners in Greyhounds up 5-3. The Bears start with Napoli at second and Abigail Wilson hitting a single to bring Napoli in but the Bears couldn't come up with the win game ends at 5-4. 

Bears dominate at North Atlanta and win in 4 innings by a score of 16-0 (Monday, Sept. 19th)

Taylor Greene with a double, Keara Napoli with a triple Courtney Campbell and Abigail Wilson gets the Bears on the board in the top of the 1st. 4-0.   Bottom of the 1st Pitcher Keara Napoli strikes three out and the Bears back at the plate. Singles for Becca Cleypool, Jensen Cheshire, Mariah Kubik and a Home Run for Taylor Greene, (this is Taylor's 10th Home Run on the season) doubles for Courtney Campbell and Abigail Wilson, another single for Heather Kipniss and the Bears score 8 runs in the inning. Nothing doing for the Warriors on offense as the Bears finish the game with singles by Keara Napoli, Lindsey Smith and a double for Abigail Wilson Bears put another 2 runs on the board.  In the top of 4 Becca Cleypool hits a single and Jensen Cheshire gets on by fielder's choice and both score to finish the game with a score of 16-0! 

Be sure and come out Thursday 9/29 to the Bears field for Senior night as we finish the regular season and recognize our amazing Seniors!

Go Bears!

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