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Lady Bears Varsity Softball Defeats Alpharetta, John's Creek in Region Play

Lady Bears Varsity Softball Defeats Alpharetta, John's Creek in Region Play

Bears travel to Alpharetta and win by a score of 12-2, Sept. 1

Bears score 1 run in the top of the first inning with a single by Mariah Kubik, and Lindsey Smith's double to bring Mariah home.  Bottom of 1 pitcher, Keara Napoli has a quick three up three down on to the top of 2 the Bears bats are hot with singles from Chooch Carroll, Courtney Campbell, bunt for Heather Kipniss, singles by Abigail Wilson, Jensen Cheshire, Mariah Kubik, and a HOME RUN for Taylor Greene Bring the Bears to a 8-0 lead.  

Napoli holds the Raiders to no score and the Bears again score one run in the 4th with a single by Jensen Cheshire and another for Taylor Greene with the RBI. Bottom of the 4th Raiders have a player walk, an error and a single hit that gets the Raiders on the board with a score of 9-2.  

Bears finish this game in the top pf 6 with another single by Abigail Wilson and Jensen Cheshire and Mariah Kubik getting on by a fielder's choice followed by a double for Keara Napoli the Bears take the win 12-2. 

Cambridge Bears Vs. Johns Creek  Final 13-2, Sept. 6

The Bears traveled to Johns Creek High School, Tuesday, Sept. 6th, and had a great first inning with 4 runs scored.  Singles by Jensen Cheshire, Mariah Kubik, Taylor Greene, Chooch Carroll and a double by Keara Napoli.  The Gladiators answered back in the bottom of 1 with a couple of walks and a single scoring 1 run.  

With a hit and an error in the bottom of the 3rd, Gladiators score another run, however in the top of the 5th inning a double made by Abigail Wilson and a single by Lindsey Smith Bears up 6-2.  Top of 6 Bears score another two runs with a single by Mariah Kubik and Taylor "Taco" Greene hits her 6th Home Run on the season!  

The Bears finish the game off in the top of 7 with another 5 runs scored with a single for Jensen Cheshire and two nice double's for Mariah Kubik and Courtney Campbell and a to top it off Chooch Carroll and Abigail Wilson both hitting triples gets the Bears a 13-2 win! 

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