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Cambridge Boys Soccer Rosters Announced

Cambridge Boys Soccer Rosters Announced

Thank you to all participants in the 2017 soccer tryouts.  Your effort and participation led to some very difficult decisions.  After careful consideration, the following players will be offered a spot on the 2017 Boys Varsity, JV, and Freshman soccer teams.  These assignments are subject to movement between teams throughout the season.  Currently, the JV and Freshman players are listed as one group.  The coaches will begin to sort players into designated JV and Freshman teams at Monday's practice.  Goalkeepers have been listed separately and will be designated to a team pending further evaluation.

Varsity players should report to the practice field for practice tomorrow (Friday) at 4:00.  Varsity will move to North Park in the case of inclement weather. 

Freshman/JV players should report to practice at the practice field on Monday at 4:00.  Practice will end at 5:30.  There will be a mandatory parent meeting following practice for the players and their parents in the Cambridge Café.  Details to follow.



801 Carson Densmore
803 Lucas LoPiccolo
804 Ryan Pratt
805 Chris Townsend
806 Josh Winnett
807 Diego Zarate
706 John Crawley
709 Sid Marupudi
713 Jarvin Ramirez
601 Ben Barfield
606 Harrison Fields
613 Jaber Obeid
615 Treyson Rielly
616 Ethan Rose
621 Jack Tindle
504 Austin Carranza
508 Reece Degan 


608 Mitchell Hardgrove
617 Daniel Schmidt
619 Nic Sides
620 Will Stewart
703 Will Bloor
704 Nathaniel Champion 

Junior Varsity/Freshman

701 Joseph Abi-Sarkis
702 John Barton
707 Garrett Gage
710 Gavin McKnight
715 Ryan Shelley
716 Joe Strickland
718 Ben Telenko
719 Ryan Walker
720 Jamie Craig
602 Evan Bell
604 Omar Dhrif
607 Jack Gaertner
609 Luke Highlander
611 Gonzalo Morales
612 Christopher Mueller
614 Nico Restrepo
618 Ainsley Shan
622 Brendan Vine
624 Matthew Young
626 Christian Guzman
502 Kamal Barnes
505 Cooper Carrow
506 Will Carrow
507 Aldo Coronado
509 Juan Elam
510 Gustavo Espinoza
512 Marcus Franco
513 Spencer Gray
514 Luke Isler
518 Matthew McHugh
515 Andrew Maiorino
519 Ayoub Nuru
523 Nate Stultz
525 Ryan Walsh

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